We know that Canada’s immigration rules can be confusing. Often, we can help resolve a client’s immigration issue quickly and at no cost. Sometimes, we need to go deeper because the matter is somewhat complex. Either way, we offer you two consultation options.

Email Consultation

Have you been spending far too much time looking for immigration answers on government websites and public forums? Sometimes, it’s easier to just ask Tim. For straight, reliable answers to your immigration questions from an accredited immigration expert with years of government and international experience, complete the Just Ask Tim questionnaire and he’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

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Telephone Consultation – $129

If you would like prompt answers to an immigration issue, a telephone consultation with an experienced immigration expert and former immigration officer can get you to the crux of a matter in 30 minutes and spare you lots of wasted time and money looking for answers buried deep on a government website – or not publicly available at all. To maximize the benefit of the consultation, we normally ask for a written description of the issue beforehand. Book a full hour and save over 20% on the regular rate.

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