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Business Immigration

If you are looking to invest in, acquire or start a business in Canada, we can assist you. As accredited immigration consultants and business consultants unaffiliated with any financial institution or immigrant investor brokerage firms, our clients can expect to get the best possible independent advice and professional representation available. There are no conflicts of interest. Canada offers many business opportunities. But the business environment and opportunities in Canada are complex. By helping you fully understand your options you can make better informed decisions. And better informed decisions lead to better planning and successful outcomes – at lower cost. Need help? Contact us.

Work Permits

As a business owner or HR professional, you know that navigating your way around Canada’s countless work permit categories is often a bureaucratic pain. We can assist you with all aspects of the work permit process for new hires and intra-company transferees. Our objective is always to find the quickest, least demanding process. Most applications are processed under one of the many LMIA-exemption categories of the International Mobility Program. In some cases, there is no other option but to use the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) route. Either way, we ensure that you are fully-supported and all documents reviewed and revised carefully so as to minimize delays and mitigate risks. Our goal is to focus on the outcome of the application. Equally important, we help employers stay on top of their compliance obligations so that they don’t get handed any surprises later on down the road.

Skilled Workers

Across Canada, provinces are facing labour shortages in a host of sectors which is propelling demand for qualified foreign talent. There are a host of federal and provincial programs for skilled workers and professionals. But navigating these programs is not always self-evident. Knowing what questions to ask, identifying obstacles and planning carefully are all essential steps in paving the way to success.

Spousal Applicants

Canadians marry or enter into relationships with men and women from around the world all the time. To settle in Canada with one’s foreign spouse, Canadian citizens and permanent residents must sponsor their spouse’s application. Immigration officers will assess the spouse to determine whether the relationship is both legal and legitimate, and to determine whether the spouse is admissible to Canada. 

Study Permits

Studying in Canada has become big business. With so many schools scrambling to enroll international students, it’s important to choose the institution that will deliver the best education for your investment. It’s also important to understand and prepare the study permit application process. Many international students fail to get their permits because they fail to understand the immigration process. 

Temporary Resident Visas

Travelling to Canada for a business visit, a family get together or tourism can be a daunting undertaking when you need to first obtain a temporary resident visa (TRV) or what is commonly called a visitor visa. Application refusal rates can be quite high depending on your country of nationality and other factors. To minimize the risk of a visa refusal, applicants must make a special effort to understand the purpose of the application process and what the decision-makers are looking for. 

Electronic Travel Authorizations

If you don’t need a visa to enter to Canada and you are not an American citizen or green card holder, then you will need an Electronic Travel Authorization or eTA to travel to Canada. Applying for an eTA is a simple and easy online process. But be careful how you answer the eTA questionnaire: misleading responses and false information can easily trigger serious and expensive enforcement action. 

Criminal Inadmissibility

Sometimes youthful mistakes can have troubling immigration consequences years later. More and more governments around the world are gaining access to foreign criminal records through information sharing agreements designed to fight international criminal activity. Unfortunately, small fish often get caught up in the net. I can help you make an Application for Rehabilitation so that you may work or live in Canada.

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